Aims of Benchmarking

  • identifies the "Best in Class"-Organisation and outlines "Best-Practice"
  • compares methods, processes, services, costs and/or customer satisfaction with the „best in class“
  • identifies existing and viable potential for improvements
  • allows you to look over the "own edge of the plate"
  • encourages to leave "accustomed lanes"
  • indicates improvements to boost performance
  • provides information on the success of the implementation of measures
  • encourages a continuous learning and improvement process


Typical questions

  • Company as a whole:
    „Why is Competitor X significantly more profitable than we are; what does it do better?“
  • Products:
    „Where are the cost/performance differences to the competitor product and what is the reason for them?“
  • Processes:
    „What benchmarks do other in-house units/competitors set us in sales - and how do we achieve these?“

Different types of benchmarking

Each Benchmark has its own information potential

The Benchmarking will be conducted in 6 steps

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